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Prepare for the Unexpected with an Emergency Fund

If you’ve found yourself with a little extra money in your budget this month, how are you going to spend it? Or, better yet, how are you going to save it?  Having a dedicated fund for emergencies helps you cope when something happens, giving you a buffer that protects your savings. Knowing that things are paid for during an emergency saves you from having to worry about money and lets you focus on getting your life back on track.  Start


6 Ways to Make Money While Unemployed

If you’ve found yourself navigating a stretch of unemployment, you know it’s not an easy place to be. And if you have any debt or loan payments to worry about, the realities of losing a regular paycheck can be especially


Achieve Financial Stability With A Budget

Wondering where all of your money goes each month? If you’re one of the nearly 30% of Americans who live without a monthly budget, then you’re not alone. If you feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to


Starting Your Loan Down the Right Path

Managing your loan doesn’t have to be a hassle. At the start of your loan, there are a few simple steps you can take that will help set you up for a successful repayment. Here are some strategies to help


What Does APR Mean When Buying a Home?

If you’re planning to buy a home or already have a mortgage, you need to understand what APR means in this context.  In essence, the APR for a mortgage includes all costs you pay (including origination fees, interest, etc.) so


What Does APR Mean When Buying a Car?

Looking to finance a new car? Here are some things to consider when it comes to interest for auto loans. Typically, APR on an auto loan works similarly to APR on an unsecured loan, where simple interest accrues daily based


What Does APR Mean for Credit Cards?

You probably know that a credit card accrues interest over time if you don’t pay your full balance each month. Let’s break down how interest works with credit cards. When you have a credit card, you only have to pay


3 Essential Financial Habits to Start Today

We all know that physical fitness is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, when was the last time you heard about financial fitness? If you want to be financially fit, here are some of the key habits


What Does 0% APR Really Mean?

Many advertisements for credit cards and auto loans these days proudly announce that they have a 0% APR (for an introductory period). So what does 0% introductory APR on a credit card mean? Well, it does mean you can avoid

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