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  1. You are right debt doesn’t accumulate over-night. Debt is the outcome of your careless spending and splurging of money on unessential goods and other luxuries.
    First of all analyze your manner of expenditure. Make your monthly budget and do not include those things which are not very essential. Don’t use your credit card unless or until there is any emergency.

  2. Not carrying a credit card is not a solution rather using the credit card wisely is the best solution. Remember credit card is a facility provided to you which you should use only in case of emergency.
    Monthly expenditure can be controlled only by making monthly budget.
    One good practice is to note down your daily expenditure. Make a notebook or diary and pen down your daily expenditure in it. this will help you know on which things you spend most and help you control your budget.

  3. Great tips Kevin. It’s just so unfortunate that our experience on debts became our teachers. Life would have been easier if we learned from others’ experiences. It saddens me even more to know that there are only 15 states teaching finance related courses in high school which means there are a lot of individuals who would need to recover from debts in the future.

    I hope they stumble to this post or related posts online.

    Best regards,

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