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Five Financial Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Money

Whether you are a saver or a spender, the age of the smartphone is making it easier than ever to manage your money.  From balancing budgets and paying bills to setting a savings goal, all your financial information is right at your fingertips. If you’re looking to get organized and stay on top of your finances, here is a list of apps that can help.


Venmo is a service that allows you to pay your friends for free via your bank account or debit card (If you use a credit card, they charge you 3%.) Have your friends sign up too and it will make it a lot easier to get paid back after spotting a friend for dinner or splitting a cab. The app is available on Android and iPhone.


If you drive, this app is a no-brainer – it will help you find the cheapest gas station near you with just a few clicks. Think about how often you fill up your tank over the course of a couple of years and you’ll realize that even saving a few cents per gallon can add up quickly. And it’s free!


Keep track of all your credit card balances, bills and accounts all in one place. Not only does Mint makes it easy to set financial goals and budgets, the interface allows you to trace where your money is going so you can make smarter spending decisions.


This app helps you save money by aggregating data from major retailers to provide you with the best prices. Simply scan the barcode of an item you are considering buying to see if there are cheaper options for purchasing it, either online or in-store. ShopSavvy helps make price comparison shopping a breeze!


Saving money can be a hard habit to form but luckily Digit makes it so easy you don’t even have to think about it. The app tracks your spending habits and uses an algorithm to remove a few dollars here and there from your checking account every few days. The money goes straight into an account that you can use for a rainy day or special purchase.

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