Planning a Wedding on a Budget

If you are at the age where it seems you have a wedding to go to every weekend, you may have noticed how quickly the expenses add up. Being in a wedding or even just attending as a guest can be pricey! But how about if you are engaged and you’re thinking about planning your own wedding? That’s when the costs really start to add up!

According to a study conducted by wedding website The Knot, the average cost of a wedding was $35,329, up from $32,641 in 2015. If you live in a more expensive part of the country, chances are that number is even higher. If you’re looking to trim costs (who isn’t?), here are a few places to start:

Limit your guest list

The fastest (though perhaps most difficult) way to reduce your costs is to have a smaller gathering. Think of all of the things that get multiplied by the number of guests you have, namely food and drink, and you’ll see how a smaller wedding can cut costs in a big way. Having fewer guests may also allow you to use a smaller venue for your event, one that has fewer restrictions on minimums and venue fees.

Skip the extras

These days, so many weddings seem to have extra things that guests appreciate but don’t necessarily need, for example, transportation, photo booths and party favors. Though these are nice touches, they can add considerably to your total costs. Your guests will be excited to share in your special day regardless of these touches so skip them and save yourself some cash.

Ask for help

If you are willing to do some projects yourself, you can probably save some cash but you may stress yourself out trying to do it all yourself. Ask friends and family to pitch in, whether that means printing programs or helping put together some affordable floral centerpieces. If you have a graphic designer friend, maybe he can pitch in to design menus or invitations. Anyone you know in the food or beverage industry may also be a big help for a wedding cake or well-priced alcohol if your site allows you to bring in your own.

Keep the rehearsal dinner informal

On top of a wedding, one thing that tends to add up is a formal rehearsal dinner. Most people underestimate this as part of their budget and are surprised at how much it can cost but it makes sense that treating 20-40 people to dinner would not be cheap. Instead, think about having a casual affair at someone’s home. People will be more relaxed and enjoy it just the same but it will hopefully help you save a bit.

Remember, a wedding is just one day and your future self will thank you for any money you are able to sock away in a savings account because you didn’t spend it on a big party!

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