• How to Safeguard Your Children’s Credit Score

    Offering an unvarnished credit history to identity thieves is like offering a clean bill of health to someone suffering from a chronic illness – it’s far too tempting to turn down. Unfortunately that unvarnished credit history can come from a source you wouldn’t normally expect – like your child. And, according ...

  • How Credit Cards Helped Me Budget, Travel, and Rebuild My Credit Score

    I know it may seem odd for someone who struggled with credit card debt for years to say that credit cards can be good. You might even think it’s crazy or unfounded. As I’ve gotten older (and hopefully wiser), I’ve learned even more how we grow and learn. If you had ...

  • Avant Reached $3 Billion in Loan Originations

    Avant reached $3 billion in loan originations after just 38 months. Below is an infographic showing our journey to becoming one of the fastest growing online lending platforms. ...

  • You Probably Have No Idea How Your Credit Score Works

    I’ll be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about credit scores. I know what’s good, what’s okay and what’s bad. The more I learn about credit scores, the more confusing they seem to me. Instead of pretending it doesn’t exist or doesn’t apply to me (my go ...

  • The Real Reason Nothing Ever Changes

    If you don’t change things, things won’t change. Seems easy, yeah? Obviously things won’t change if you don’t change them. Duh. I surround myself with little mantras like this to remind myself that sometimes the most effective solution to a problem can also be the simplest. Then I forget, mess up and ...

  • It’s Complicated: The Relationship between Millennials and Credit

    Millennials have made their mark on mainstream culture, but what about when it comes to personal finance? See what effects an increase in higher education, waiting to start a family and technology have all had on America’s largest generation. An overview of the ...

  • 4 Home Improvements You Can Make This Year

    You cut coupons to save at the grocery store, maybe put money away in a jar for a special purchase, but are you doing anything to save on your home expenses? This infographic has a few tips you can use to make your home more efficient and keep money from falling ...

  • The First Rule of Unemployment: Don’t Spend

    I was happy when I graduated from college in 2012. I entered a healing job market with plenty of opportunity not only to become gainfully employed, but be in a position to do what I love. That opportunity came when I took a job at a startup as a writer ...

  • How I Ruined My Credit

    I wish this story was about how I decided to use my credit cards to fund a crazy adventure where I learned to laugh, to love and to live. I learned that the best things in life are free, but buying everything on credit made it better. I wish I could ...