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Avant Alumni: Meet Peter from the TPM Team

Peter Duveneck, Senior Manager of the TPM team, smiling next to the Avant logo on a navy blue background
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Every Avantee leaves their mark on our culture. Peter, we’re proud of everything we did together and we know you’ll keep thriving! You’re in the Avant Alumni Club for life.

Peter Duveneck

Former Senior Manager on the TPM Team

With Avant 2019-2023

What’s it like to work @Avant? We asked Peter for his take on our culture, and here’s what he said:

1. How would you describe Avant’s culture?

Peter Duveneck, Senior Manager on the Technology Platform Team, smiling in a collared shirt

Avant is really unique. I was used to big, big companies before coming here, and I like the camaraderie you get on a smaller team when you’re all working towards one common goal. Every day is different, so you don’t get stuck doing different versions of the same thing. And I love the people I work with. Everyone is extremely intelligent, and no matter how busy someone is, they’re willing to take the time to help you, whether it’s with a data query or looking something up. I feel like the collaboration and people’s willingness to jump in is great. You don’t really get that at a larger corporation.

Avant is different in the industry, and I think our people understand the unique things we’re trying to achieve. The executive team is super transparent and engaged with everyone, too, which I appreciate a lot. Between our Town Halls, the fact that everyone sits in the same general area, and execs’ open door policy, everyone is open to talking to you and listening to any feedback you have, no matter your level.

It’s been a lot of fun to see the progression over the past almost 4 years. We’ve come a long way. The thing that stands out the most is just the way the leadership team has been very strategic in their path forward, thinking about how to position ourselves moving forward through covid and beyond. The leadership team has done a tremendous job. I am super thankful for the opportunities that I’ve had here.

2. Why are you happy/successful here?

I think I’ve been successful because I take initiative—that’s really rewarded here. I started out in our Operations group, managing credit reporting and the resolutions team, because I really wanted to understand how the business works. That understanding of the fundamentals has been foundational for my growth here. Then, as a result of showcasing my leadership and knowledge, I was able to transition to our TPM team to a new role managing the Amount relationship. At other companies, you gotta know someone if you want to move or try something else. Here, they take an assessment of people’s skills, see where there are gaps and where can we hire internally, and promote from within vs. always going external. That’s a really good thing, and it’s allowed me to be successful here. That, and my initiative and willingness to learn.

I’ve also succeeded because of good managers who support me, personally and professionally. I have two kids—one just turned 2, the other is 4 ½. Sometimes I have issues with daycare, and I know a lot of Avantees have had that experience, too. Knowing I have Avant’s support, having that flexibility, is nice. I’m able to support my family and while also driving Avant’s objectives and goals forward, too. And my manager Jena makes sure we’re aligned, and she ensures and validates that I’m enjoying the work I’m doing. She really prioritizes our development conversations, which even I’m tempted to deprioritize sometimes—but she makes the time. It helps so much to know she cares that I’m not working on something that’s not really of interest to me and my career path.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the way your specific job role works?

With my role, because I managed the Amount relationship, I was kind of the glue that held everything together. I helped drive the initiatives within my team. Being responsible for a super critical path to the business is really rewarding.

4. If you had to describe who you are and not mention your work at all, what would you say?

I’m a father of two daughters, a husband, I love watching sports—the Packers especially, not the Chicago Bears. I love to travel and am very family-oriented and hard-working.

5. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a police officer, and then I wanted to be a doctor. And as a real little kid, I thought being an ice cream person would have been fun.

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