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How Do You Build Credit?

How to Build Credit Your credit can impact virtually all of the financial aspects of your life. Anything that requires a credit check – like buying a car, getting a mortgage, or even renting an apartment – is made more difficult by having poor credit or no credit history, even if you know you’ll be able to afford the payments.  So how do you establish credit, and once established, how do you build it? Best Ways to Build Credit Fortunately,

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7 Incredibly Simple Hotel Hacks to Save You Money

Who doesn’t enjoy a few days away from home? It’s a chance to escape and enjoy some downtime by yourself or with friends or family – but the cost of accommodations can eat at your vacation budget. Not everyone is


34 Creative Ways to Entertain on a Budget

Some of these ideas might sound a little “out there”. But that’s the point! Creativity is the basis for some of the best cheap and free entertainment. Just think of all the things you did as a kid, or the

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7 Signs You’re Addicted to Shopping

Do you ever feel guilt or remorse after shopping? Do you have dozens of brand new but unused items laying around your home? While it’s easy to make light of our own compulsive habits, it’s also a way to ignore


2 Times It’s Okay to Splurge

When You’re Rewarding Yourself Did you just pay off a large loan? Did you finally get that promotion at work? It’s okay to treat ourselves for working hard and a job well done—but the trick is that you must have

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How to Master the Art of Saying No to Spending

Despite any contrary advice, turning down an offer involves more than simply telling another person “no.” There are egos and emotions involved. Social pressure makes turning down opportunities the exception rather than the rule. So what’s there to do but


Four Ways to Save As a Wedding Guest

If you are in your 20s or 30s, chances are you have a few weddings coming up in the next few months. Once the season kicks off, there seems to be a wedding every few weekends all the way into


Increase Your Savings Without Giving Up Your Lifestyle

A recent study by Bankrate indicates that nearly a quarter of Americans do not have an emergency fund. For many in this category, getting through an emergency expense will require a credit card or a loan from family. It’s not

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