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When it comes to loan repayment, nobody likes surprises. The personal loan payment calculator from Avant allows you to estimate monthly payments for the loan you need. Simply input the amount you want to borrow, how many months until repayment, and your estimated credit score to get a fast repayment estimate. Adjust the loan amount and terms to get an idea of what financing options may work best for you. Frequently asked questions about personal loan payments What is the

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4 Mistakes You Should NEVER Make with Debt

Okay, so you have debt. It’s frustrating, sure, but it’s not the end of the world. Millions of people are in the same boat right now, and many of them are steadily working their way toward being debt free. You

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Can You Buy a Home With Imperfect Credit?

Buying a home with less-than-stellar credit is possible, but it’ll be more expensive for someone with a bad credit history compared to someone with good credit. While you might be tempted into purchasing a home, you’ll need to be brutally

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The Case for Personal Loans

You may want to consider a personal loan the next time you’re in a financial bind. Here’s why: Lower APR than some credit cards If you have a credit card at your disposal, you may be tempted to swipe away


4 Ways to Make Extra Money and Pay Off Debt Faster

When you’re working to pay off debt, you’ll cut out most superfluous expenses in order to reach your goals. But the problem with cutting out spending is that there is only so much you can cut. What if you want


Buying a Home? Don’t Forget About These Five Expenses

Buying a house is thrilling, overwhelming and downright frightening. But don’t let these emotions scare you. If you prepare and educate yourself, you will know what to expect and sail through the process without any setbacks. Like many potential buyers,


Five Signs You’re Not Ready to Buy a House

With mortgage rates on the rise, it is a good time to buy a house sooner rather than later. But while market conditions are favorable, is it the right time for you? It may be the “American dream” but it


Five Things That Are Hard to Do With Bad Credit

If you know people with bad credit and they own a house, a car, and seem to be doing okay, you may feel that a low credit score isn’t a big deal. But whether you agree or not with the

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Car Loans and Credit Scores: What You Need To Know

So you want to buy a car? Then you need to know how to get approved for a car loan! Specifically, how your credit score will affect whether you’ll be approved or not. These days, lenders can have a lot

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